As a company at the forefront of our field, we rely on our people being as pioneering as our products.

From technical experts to experienced soldiers, NSC’s team combines to deliver cutting-edge solutions to customers around the world.

Our diverse client base, pro-active approach to professional development and annual innovation days create a collaborative working environment where innovative ideas flourish…

Alex Gwilliam

Systems Engineer

Alex Gwilliam Systems Engineer

Working for NSC allows me to combine my hobby of customising Virtual Battlespace with the opportunity to use the technical skills I picked up during a career as a Royal Engineer in the British Army.

While it is great to be part of a team that includes other ex-military personnel, a real mix of people work here and everyone pulls together and learns from each other.

As an individual you are encouraged to progress, to have your say and to continually look at and experiment with emerging technologies. There aren’t many companies that give every member of staff the chance to shine and suggest new ways of working.

Matt Willis

Software Engineer

Matt Willis Software Engineer

My computing degree focused on software engineering and when I saw the job description for my post it immediately piqued my interest. The defence element of our work is out of the ordinary and I am proud of the fact that NSC produces high-quality software that people like and get used.

Since joining the company I have supported a number of different projects and the variety of work is fantastic; it has seen me travel overseas to the Netherlands, Germany, Kuwait and Qatar.

The team at NSC is incredibly friendly and you can always rely on your colleagues for help and support. There is also a strong appraisal process which ensures you know how you are performing and progressing.

Nev MacMillan

Business Development Manager

Nev MacMillan Business Development Manager

I served in the British Army for just under 10 years so leapt at the chance to join NSC, which offers work that is both really interesting and of significance because it is operationally focused.

Being part of an organisation that specialises in the delivery of training plays to my own strengths and I understand why others choose to stay with the company for so long.

There is a real family feel to NSC; no one gets pigeon-holed and you are exposed to lots of different areas of the business. My military career was characterised by moving about so the opportunity to travel to places such as the US, Kuwait, Qatar and Germany is a welcome perk.

One of the greatest strengths of this company is that it respects its employees’ work-life balance and acknowledges its successes are a team effort. Perhaps unsurprisingly, NSC takes training very seriously and all staff are encouraged to take advantage of formal training to further their professional development.

Emma Ludkin


Emma Ludkin Administrator

As a parent, it was the flexible working hours that first attracted me to working at NSC. However, it is the people and sense of team spirit that have kept me here; everybody gets on incredibly well.

The company organises regular social get-togethers and an annual team building day that has seen us do everything from learning bush survival techniques to hovercrafting and riding Segways.

Professionally, I feel valued and enjoy that I am given the opportunity to work alongside colleagues from different departments.

Carl Gorton

Deputy Head of Training

Carl Gorton Deputy Head of Training

Being exposed to new products and innovative technologies and getting actively involved in solving customers’ problems is intellectually stimulating.

As an employer, NSC is phenomenally fair and decent. The pace of life here is very busy but the freedom of flexibility afforded to staff is significant and welcome. The management adopts a very grown-up approach to maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

As a former British Army officer I have spent much of my career in a hierarchical structure with a very rigid chain of command. However, at NSC you can go straight to the top and leadership tends to be task-based with subject matter experts stepping to the fore. Despite the wide range of skills within the company, the team’s ability to pull together is impressive.