UK-BASED simulation specialist NSC has announced a transatlantic technology collaboration with US innovator Brightline Interactive.

Both companies have a strong pedigree in exploiting digital advances to enhance training systems and syllabi for military, government and commercial customers and the partnership will pool more than 40 years of expertise.

NSC, which is based in Camberley, Surrey, currently delivers the British Army’s Unit Based Virtual Training tool – a managed service which immerses troops in a synthetic environment to collectively rehearse tactics, techniques and procedures, and supports experimentation.

The UK company introduced computer wargaming to the former Army Staff College in the 1980s and over the past three decades has applied its systems across Defence. It has assisted in procurement processes, measuring the effectiveness of capabilities and the training of tens of thousands of front-line personnel.

Similarly, Washington-based Brightline is a leading provider of sensor and artificial intelligence-integrated augmented and virtual reality platforms in the US. Its team of technologists design, build and install systems that make the best use of advancements in object tracking, mechanical engineering and database integration for military and government clients.

Carl Gorton, Deputy Head of Training and Consultancy at NSC, said the benefit of the international partnership would be felt on both sides of the Atlantic.

“The collaboration will provide our respective customers with access to the some of the very best innovative thinking,” he added. “NSC and Brightline are vastly experienced in adapting cutting-edge technologies and tailoring them to overcome a myriad problems.”