Wargaming win

MILITARY training expert NSC is helping a prominent defence organisation to wargame the complexities and frictions of contemporary combat.

The simulation specialist is providing both red and blue team actors to the programme of traditional table-top and computer-based exercises, which will generate evidence to support future force structure and procurement decisions.

NSC’s contribution to the process includes the provision of experienced wargamers and scribes and comes nearly three decades after the Surrey-based firm introduced computer-based wargaming to the former Army Staff College.

Andy Wrycraft, Head of Training and Consultancy at NSC, said the company’s pedigree in the field was demonstrated by its 21 years of unbroken service to the UK Defence Academy’s Joint Services Command and Staff College (JSCSC).

The long-running partnership with the JSCSC has seen military directing staff benefit from NSC’s exercise support services and wargaming, operational analysis and simulation technology expertise.

“Our long history of wargaming means we are proficient at creating engaging, realistic and complex environments that can fully test an audience regardless of the nuances of their training needs,” he added.

“With many former military and non-military personnel among our number who have real-world operational experience, we are adept at representing the full spectrum of forces – including allied actors, opposition forces, criminal elements, non-traditional forces and neutral groups such as civilians and non-governmental organisations.

“This expertise, coupled with our proven track record for exercise design, support and control, makes us a natural partner for those seeking to use wargaming, in its many guises, to understand the requirements for modern defence, and inform their strategy, doctrine and capability accordingly.”