Cadence Collaboration Announced

CADENCE and NSC, two leading training and consultancy specialists, are joining forces to deliver a long-term exercise scenario support contract to NATO.

Emulating the collaborative make-up of its customer, the alliance will pool its proven specialisms to address NATO’s need to train for the dynamic and unpredictable nature of future operations.

The industry partnership will integrate exercise management experience with an in-depth understanding of Defence doctrine and deployments to enable scenarios to be developed and built remotely.

CADENCE has a long track record of delivering such services to the military, multinational organisations and Third Sector groups operating across the world. Already a key provider of white and grey cell expertise to NATO exercises, the company’s specialist scenario developers are accustomed to depicting the complexities of civilian and military interactions and including real-time world events in training documents.

Similarly, NSC has been at the forefront of supporting military education and training globally since its formation in 1991. An ever-present asset at the UK Defence Academy’s Joint Services Command and Staff College, the Surrey-based consultancy specialises in exercise design and delivery and providing managed service wargaming. NSC is vastly experienced at leveraging doctrine and can draw on specialist insights from its former military staff and officials from international security, law enforcement and industry organisations.

Commenting on the companies’ joint offering, CADENCE company Chairman General the Lord Dannatt said: “I am confident that this alliance with NSC will further strengthen our relationship and we look forward to joining forces with another industry leader and combining our expertise for the benefit of NATO.”

NSC Chief Executive Jeremy Spurr added: “We are extremely proud of our previous support to NATO and that an organisation of such standing should engage our services speaks volumes for the quality of our work and people.”