NSC's Dutch Delivery

SIMULATION specialist NSC demonstrated the breadth of its training solutions and exercise management experience by helping military officers from across Europe to hone their mission planning skills at the Netherlands Staff College (IDL) in Breda.  

The company showcased its wargaming pedigree by working alongside directing staff to deliver a manual theatre wargame for headquarters personnel from the Dutch, French, German and Belgian Armed Forces.  

NSC contributed to the planning, execution, validation and after-action analysis of Exercise Joint Challenge, which formed part of IDL’s Advanced Staff and Command Course and was run in accordance with NATO operating procedures.  

The traditional sand table-style serial was in sharp contrast to the firm’s more commonly used hi-tech training methods.  

Jeremy Spurr, Chief Executive of NSC, said: “Although we are better known for exploiting emerging technologies, our decades of experience of working in and around the military mean we are equally at ease delivering training using maps and counters.  

“NSC may have been among the first to see the value of using a computer to support exercises but we are acutely aware that technology is not the driver. State-of-the-art simulations and complex computer models are not always appropriate in terms of delivering the right information at the right time.  

“If NSC has a prime skill it is in deciding what is helpful for the customer in meeting the training need and advising on the best use of technology and supporting tools.  

“Sometimes that might be a model or virtual environment but sometimes it might be a spreadsheet, map or having the appropriate humans in the loop. Effective training is about finding the best ways of stimulating commanders in a decision cycle, not using a computer-based sledgehammer to crack a nut.”  

Qatar’s Joaan Bin Jassim Joint Command and Staff College in Doha and the Mubarak Al Abdullah Joint Command and Staff College in Kuwait are among the other overseas training establishments currently benefiting from NSC’s  state-of-the-art simulation and consultancy services.