Steadfast Support

NSC has formalised its long-standing support of Britain’s military community by signing up to the Ministry of Defence’s new Employer Recognition Scheme.  

The training, simulation and consultancy specialist’s pledge to align its values and activities with the Government’s Corporate Covenant will see it continue to be open to employing Reservists and supporting their training and mobilisation commitments.  

With 20 per cent of the Surrey-based wargaming expert’s workforce boasting a military background and a serving Reservist among its staff, NSC is already demonstrating its promise to promote an Armed Forces-friendly position.  

Nev MacMillan, a Reservist officer and Business Development Manager at NSC (pictured above left), said: “It is a source of considerable satisfaction that I am able to balance a military career and a role in a civilian organisation that directly supports UK Forces in training and on operations.  

“The significant challenge of having a dual career is made all the easier if, like at NSC, your employer is willing to show flexibility when it comes to planning for and fulfilling annual training and mobilisation commitments.”  

NSC’s commitment to the Employer Recognition Scheme follows almost a quarter of a century of professional support to the Services.  

The company was responsible for introducing computer-based wargaming to the former Army Staff College and its cutting-edge systems will be familiar to many of those serving in the British Army.  

Its Joint Combat Operations Virtual Environment (JCOVE), which can be used to help train soldiers to evade, counter and defeat ambushes and minimise the threat of improvised explosive devices, helped ready more than 14,000 personnel for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.  

And at higher levels of command, the firm’s Joint Operations Command and Staff Training System (JOCASTS), which delivers a mix of virtual incidents and live feeds and can be customised to feature specific threats and actions, is routinely used to test senior commanders’ plans.