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Providing believable environments is paramount in successful simulated trainers. We endeavour to quickly immerse users in a scenario so that they concentrate on the training.


NSC's ability to link real‑world equipment with virtual simulation software is second‑to‑none, giving trainees seamless audible, visual and tangible feedback in realtime.


NSC uses cutting‑edge game‑based fully immersive customisable cutting edge technology to plunge trainees into virtual environments.

Whether recreating digital real‑world environments, bespoke scenarios or linking physical equipment to our virtual simulation software, NSC has the skills and experience to deliver simulated training that feels like the real thing.


There is no substitute for live training, but we believe that simulated, virtual environments are the next best thing. We endeavour to make our scenarios as realistic as possible, using actual equipment wherever possible and making our simulated content behave just like the real thing.

IMPACT is NSC's immersive training system. Employing game‑based technology to project digital recreations of real‑world locations or bespoke terrains on to a three‑metre radius curved screen, IMPACT provides simulations to serve land, air and sea domains.

This customisable capability provided the UK's Defence Science and Technology Laboratory with a synthetic environment in which to explore means of improving marksmanship.

Developed for use in trials to investigate novel training methods for Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary personnel, NSC's crew‑served weapon simulator puts users' fingers on the trigger of a real machine gun and tripod.

NSC was a fantastic asset to the exercise. All the participants emphasised how realistic the virtual environment was and how much realism it brought to the exercise.

Lee Middleton

HQ1 Artillery Brigade, UK MOD

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Address: Norwich House, Knoll Road, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 3SY, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1276 678 867

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Address: Norwich House, Knoll Road, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 3SY, United Kingdom

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Telephone: +44 1276 678 867

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E-mail: message@nsc.co.uk

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